Saturday, June 27, 2009

I want a FREE and Strong America

As I imagine many of you have done, I have watched the last few months bring about unthinkable changes. Under the guise of reforms and legislation, the greatest gift granted to our nation is being sacrificed upon the altar of an unquenchable and unattainable ideology. That ideology is nothing less than the darkest desire of the human heart - to exercise complete control.

The test given to many of the “representative” politicians is being failed on a scale rather difficult to comprehend. Each new law, or unwelcomed imposition, ripples across the country while stirring up a massive wave of unintended consequences. These exponential and nearly incalculable negative effects start to reverberate with greater frequency and intensity much like the labor pains amidst the travail of childbirth. Everywhere are temptations for them to assume a greater position than the elected office afforded them as a representative of the people. We now know that the misguided intent to “help” is little more than enforcing the communistic notion of “fairness” upon the masses. Each day brings about another crisis which needs immediate “action”. So what is to be done? The false premise arises each day that “something” must be done and to do nothing is the ultimate failure of their career in elected office. If only we could be so lucky to have a congress unwilling to change America each and every day. Their blindness is staggering. But, their temporary sojourn in the world of political control will soon end.

It is the inherent desire of every human soul to swim above the suffocating swamp of coercion in order to breathe free. Now, for the first time, many are becoming appreciative of the greater amounts of freedom we once had. May our freedom never slowly drift towards the forgotten shadows of our historical past only be recalled in stories or a history book.

What other words could we use to describe such feelings that well up within us? It is the same no matter where you find it on this earth. It’s found on the distant horizons of expansive continents, the rugged and sun-beaten deserts, the distant isles of the sea, and where it is most precious to us, in our own homes. When our spirits are lifted up to a remembrance of our purpose on this earth, when we become aware of the beauty around us, when the love of our family and of the human family is realized- we are free.

Our rights are bestowed upon us by our divine Creator and not devised by the weak hand of man. Our government officials frequently need reminding about the principles upon which we, as a free society, were founded. So let us be free; free to make our own choices, free to fail, and free to succeed.