Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Rasmussen Reaction

Politics aren’t always the most exciting aspect of people’s lives. A great portion of the general public chooses to stay aloof of the goings-on in Washington for various reasons. Many are increasingly upset at their actions. Some are frustrated at their unwillingness to see the error of their ways. Many are feeling pushed away and completely disenfranchised for the first time in their lives. However, an ever increasing majority of decent citizens have watched as their heritage in the land of liberty became endangered.

Corrupt organizations have committed voter fraud and taken away the power of a free citizen’s vote. Petitions have gone unheeded. Phone calls to Capitol Hill go unanswered. The rally cries from across the country during the tea party revolts were laughed to scorn.

So, how do people regain their voice? They awaken to an awful sense of their situation and get off the sidelines. They vote. And they vote in such numbers as to squash all the efforts of those who seek to undermine the system. There are various ways to get a sense of these changing trends in the public’s awareness and the public opinion poll is but one of many ways to gauge it. Public opinion obviously changes over time in response to current events. But, has public opinion ever moved so rapidly than in our present day?
Perhaps the very entities that served to help elect an unknown, unproven, and untested individual into office are now turning against him. The freest society on earth has access to information from all across the globe in an unbroken stream, anytime of day, and in nearly every place in our country. Try as they may, there is no hiding failure.

American public opinion is beginning to show the next great awakening. Our freedoms have been threatened. Our way of life has been condemned by our “leaders”. The progressive desire for greater government power is now transparent. So what may be on our horizon? The answer is the largest awakening the free world has ever known for the protection of the American way of life.

It took the social progressives six months in power to show America their intentions. What is the response? If elections were held today: Romney 45% Obama 45% after only 150 days in office. Go Mitt! Very soon, it will take a single day of voting for Americans to show their final opinion.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Press coverage

This comic just about covers it.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Palin’s Resignation: Remain Above the Blog Smog

Sarah Palin’s resignation today from her post as Governor of Alaska has brought about a wave of speculation. Some of it seems baseless and pointless to entertain. Some I quite enjoy such as the blog post at Competent Conservatism which proposes that she intends “to pass the baton of victory” to Mitt. I enjoyed the analysis and am also curious as to the meaning behind her "passing the ball for victory" line. I hope it holds true that she sees Romney as worthy of her full support as well as the most accomplished and natural leader for the future of the party. If so, this is the kind of speculation I can get behind. But, more importantly, I believe most Romney supporters should remain positive in their assessments of her despite the intended goal of her withdrawal from office.

As dedicated conservatives, we stand united against the infuriating path that American Progressivism has taken our country. We must stand above the “blog smog” that naturally erupts in the absence of all the facts. More specifically, we should align ourselves in defense of Palin’s standing as a positive role model to young mothers, a loving wife, and as a plain spoken American with many of the ideals and values we all share. Meanwhile, we will continue showing unyielding support for Gov. Romney and others who are dedicated to stopping the unconstitutional and tyrannical growth of government. As a united voice, we can remain optimistic that the future efforts of Sarah Palin will yield a victory for conservatives whether she remains a private citizen or pursues other interests. Of course, foremost in my mind is the hope that she will support Mitt in his future endeavors.

So what lessons have we learned from the media’s desire to accelerate the feud amongst the GOP presidential contenders in 2008? It stands to reason that every step along the way they will attempt the same for 2012. Their biased approach was apparent then and will likely include the desire to present a quarreling group of presidential hopefuls juxtaposed against a “cool-headed” incumbent amidst his yes-men. Can you imagine the impact it would have if the GOP continued to focus on providing a united front against Obama, Reid, and Pelosi in 2010 and 2012?

The obsessive behavior and cult of personality that launched Obama into his current office surrounded the infatuation people had with ascribing all their hope for success to a single individual. Supporters have even inappropriately held him up to the level of deity. These disturbing trends point to unwelcome signs of idolatry in our public, a key factor in the downfall and eventual destruction of civilizations. In order to bring about a victory for our Republic in the coming years we are going to need a return of constitutional defenders to D.C. In his book Turnaround, Gov. Romney showcased how he exercised his leadership and ability to decide on complex issues by weighing incredibly exhaustive input from several sources. Much of the success we can expect from him will not come from his assumption of the Oval Office alone, but also by the expertise and qualifications of those whom he will place in his administration. It will not consist of a group of yes-men and like-minded social progressives who lavish praise upon him as Obama’s followers do currently.

We must set a better standard by not joining the fray of those seeking to defame and discredit Palin and instead include her voice to the many who seek the return of our founding principles. When the primaries conclude, we will depend on a broad base of conservatives, libertarians, patriots, and free men and women everywhere to stand against the perversion of our government and vote for the return of our status as the greatest nation on Earth. May God bless our efforts and the United States of America.
Happy 4th of July!